Traditional German Dance

Food Fair in Germany

In our last week before summer holidays startet we had a huge breakfast at our school. It was great and delicious! We all prepared several dishes from our partner countries and then we ate everything which was served! What a wonderful school day!

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Cooking like the Icelandic (Germany)

Cooking like the Spanish (Germany)

Sorry we forgot to take more pictures! But it was delicious!

Preparing a breakfast from Cyprus (Germany)


Cooking like the English (Germany)

Mobility to Spain

In May we visited the Spanish school near Seville. Thanks to all the colleagues and pupils from Cervantes school for the great hospitality. We will never forget the time with you.

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Mobility to the UK

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Skype Meeting Cyprus-Germany

It was so nice to talk to you… Would you like to meet again?

Iceland – Making Succotash from England

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