Welcome to the International Work area for Salaskóli. Here you can find general information from our school.

Salaskóli is one of ten schools located in Kópavogur, just outside Reykjavik, the Capital of Iceland. Salaskoli is an elementary school with about 500 students aged 6 – 16. Salaskoli focuses on achieving a positive atmosphere, recognizing and working with the individuality of each pupil and using and being involved with the development of many different ways of teaching and valuation. This year we are e.g. participating in a development project helping beginners to learn to read. We aspire to be a school of the 21st century, utilizing technology, variation in teaching methods and collaborating with other schools both domestically and in Europe. Salaskoli is well positioned to include the nature in its day to day program, has been in the program for European Eco-schools and proudly flags the Green Flag for the fourth year. The school is known for its sports, chess and techno-lego teams and tradition.

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